There is so much noise in the photography industry. Blogs, Twitter, Instagram, and an array of other tools allow our voices to be heard more than ever, and photographers are saying a lot. But with so many options, it is easy to get distracted from what is most important. Capturing lasting photographs and providing clients with a remarkable experience seem to get pushed to the back burner. This workshop will help you slow down, eliminate mental clutter and grow the foundation of your vision, style, and purpose.

What You Will Learn

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Learn about the photographers and companies that inspire the A Bryan Photo team the most. Photo by Willy Ronis.

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Shooting Style & Approach

While walking you through his own portfolio, Bryan will discuss his approach to both weddings and lifestyle sessions. He will offer a wide range of advice from the cameras he uses to tactics for making families comfortable in front of the lens. See Bryan's Approach

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When presenting photographs, do you put as much emphasis on touch as you do on sight? In this digital age, it's often rare for clients to handle physical photographs. We will discuss the vital role of the printed photograph within the A Bryan Photo experience and how you can easily make prints part of your company's workflow.

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People often think of branding as their company logo or mark. Yet, author Marty Neumeier defines a brand as "a person's gut feeling about your product or service" (ex. McDonalds - fast service, bad for me). We will unpack this concept in a practical way and discuss ways to improve every aspect of your photography brand.

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Our industry is consumed by a desire to book the elusive 'high end' client. Yet this quest often leaves photographers frustrated. We hope to shift your focus towards booking intentional and considerate clientele who understand and appreciate your work. We will also share our pricing strategy that allows us to connect with families who love our style.

A picture of a Cypress Album's traditional design.

Studio Management

It may be unsexy, but properly handling details and client expectations is vital to thriving in this business. Learn about how to empower our clients, by communicating your style, process, and approach. Our manager, Ashley, will also walk through our contracts and invoicing practices as well as how to resolve conflict with clients.